The Blackstone District
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District History

Starts in the mid-1880s when beautiful stone and brick residences were designed by famous architects of the day. These homes were constructed during a westward expansion from South Omaha to the hills of what was then West Omaha.

After the stock market crash of 1929, families were no longer maintaining such extravagant residences, and many of the mansions were refashioned into boarding houses and funeral homes. The latter gave way to the name “Funeral Home Row” that Farnam Street took on in the mid-1940s. 



Recent revitalization

The public’s increased fascination with historic structures has paved the way for redevelopment; making what was once old, new again.

The Blackstone District’s classic structures along Farnam Street and those on the outlying blocks are now home to restaurants, bars, and businesses that offer contemporary cuisine, chic entertainment, and modern-era services for patrons of all ages. 


The Blackstone Hotel

In 1916, the Blackstone Hotel was erected at 36th and Farnam Streets and was the jewel of the neighborhood for many years to come. The non-traditional hotel featured primarily multi-roomed residences with only a handful of overnight rooms. 

The Blackstone Hotel's guests included famous politicians and entertainers, and one of the restaurants, the Orleans Room, was on the nation’s top ten restaurants list for almost two decades.